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President – Hank Van Arsdale  Term Expires 2021

The President of the association is the chief administrative and executive officer.  It is his/her responsibility to see that the Board meets regularly and functions effectively.  The President also confirms that each member of the Board understands and adequately performs his/her duties.

The president convenes all meetings of the Board and issues appropriate notice to members of the board.  The president, if present, shall act as chairman at all meetings of the Board and of the association.  In his/her absence, a vice president of some other Board member may be designated to chair the meeting.  The president, acting as chairman, shall have the deciding vote in case of a tie. 

The president authorizes all expenditures of the association’s funds upon approval by the Board; signs the minutes of Board meetings after they have been approved by the Board; appoints the nominating committee each year; and signs liens to be filed and releases of liens on delinquent accounts.

Safety and Security - Brian Hand  Term Expires 2020     

The safety and security of our neighborhoods is a top priority.  By maintaining a vigilant watch over the neighborhoods and by monitoring any crime that does occur, the neighborhood maintains high standards of safety.  The homes associations’ approach to neighborhood security is twofold, involving both prevention and monitoring.

The Security Chair sponsors programs to improve outdoor and street lighting; maintains contact with local police and participates in community policing efforts; requests monthly copies of neighborhood crime reports from the police to detect any emerging patterns of crime; prepares regular safety and security articles for the neighborhood newsletter; invites the police and security patrol to attend and speak at the annual meeting; works with police to establish a block watch program; posts signs indicating that the neighborhood is a crime watch or privately patrolled neighborhood.


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