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Special Events Chair - Shannon Dover Term Expires 2018
Upcoming Events
Easter Egg Hunt – April 15, 2017 - Banana Island, 70th &Valley Rd

Spring leaf, brush and trash clean up – TBA

AFHA Garage Sale – Saturday, TBA
AFHA Annual Meeting – Sunday, June 11 4:00pm  –  Romanelli Island
Fall leaf, brush and trash clean up – TBA

The homes association sponsors special events to promote good will and community spirit in the neighborhood.  Whether social or purposeful, these events remind neighbors that the association is actively working on t

heir behalf.  These gatherings also give neighbors an opportunity to meet one another, greet new neighbors and involve themselves in the community.

The Special Events Chair organizes activities which include the entire neighborhood, young and old alike.  He/she publicizes the event through flyers and/or signs and banners posted in the neighborhood.  The special events director secures permits for Block Parties and other events in public areas.  He/she may also arrange municipal services, such as police or special fire truck demonstrations.

The Special Events Chair confirms food service or food donations, when necessary, and monitors trash collection and clean-up after the event.  He/she may also arrange to rent equipment such as tables, chairs, or cooking apparatus. 


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